Children and Property

Particular issues in elder decisions are children and property, debts owed by the parties, 
Elder decision can contain costs orders, [that a person pay] disposal of property or money, increased 

Mediation is the recommended preferred method for elderly divorce cases where children are involved wherein mediators usually facilitate non-violent resolution including reconciliation & co-parenting arrangements.

Representation and payments of account are key when drafting an elder decision Parenting arrangement should contain provisions for how minor children live, and how long each party is responsible for housing them or until 18 years old (with an option for a raise); importantly, rights to spend time with and communicate with young care recipient also contained in these documents 2.

Costs sometimes include up to 20% or more than legal fees; The parties whose assets are being liquidated during enforcement proceeding can claim expenses against those who provide such services under s85(3) for fraudulent dealing (+18%) of 74FLA authority In cases involving CRC and elderly care matters, mandatory counselling/mediation occurs first to work out any mutual resolution – HMC Section 87 assigns the Registrar with exclusive control over proceedings that trigger social security entitlements – this may result in years negative financial outcomes

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