Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Sharon L. Pope specialize in several practice areas.

  • Elder Law: Protecting the often confusing rights and interests of older individuals in today’s increasingly complex world.
  • Disability/Special Needs Law: Safeguarding the more complex rights and interests of those with disabilities and special needs.
  • Estate Planning: Helping clients manage wealth, protect their assets, and/or determine how they wish their affairs to be handled should they become incapacitated or pass away.
  • Probate: Ensuring the authenticity of a Will and that distribution of the assets defined in the Will is made in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Medicaid and Veterans Benefits: Guiding individuals through eligibility requirements to receive Medicaid or Veterans Benefits, as appropriate.
  • Community-Based Care: Assisting individuals and families in deciding what style and level of community-based settings and services best meet ones life care.
  • Medicare Set-Asides: Guiding people through the new rules that will require Medicare Set-Asides for most Personal Injury liability cases where the plaintiff may receive Medicare benefits in the future.